You are welcome to arrive in Tallinn by bus, plane or boat.

When in Tallinn, you can use public transportation - bus, tram, tolleybus - or enjoy walking though the beautiful medieval Old Town. For public transportation maps, timetables, ticket information, see here.

Ticket prices for bus/tram/trolleybus from 1 January 2013

Single fare from the bus/tram/trolleybus driver - 1,60€

However, it is advisable to buy a reloadable Tallinn "Green Card" for 2€, without the need to personalise it. You can either load money or e-tickets to it. Once you return the card, the 2€ will be refunded to you.
With one Card a maximum of 6 tickets (persons) can be validated at a time.
More information about the card and how to use it can be found here.

When using the Card, the fare prices will be as follows:
1-hour ticket - 1,10€
1-day e-ticket - 3€
3-day e-ticket - 5€
5-day e-ticket - 6€