For early arrivers:
WEDNESDAY, 10th July

19:30 - 21:00 Psicotango workshop by Nele Reial (read more) (Kreutzwaldi 24)
21:00 - 23:00 Regular practice at Dance Theatre T3 studio (Kreutzwaldi 24)


In the FESTIVAL programme ...

THURSDAY, 11th July

19:00 - 02:00 Welcome Milonga at restaurant "Odessa" (2nd floor)*

DJ Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (ARG)
19:00 - 22:00 Registration open during milonga

Welcoming greetings at around 23:00

FRIDAY, 12th July

13:00 - 15:00 Day milonga in front of the main stage of Tallinn Marytime Days near Old City Harbour / Tallinn Port passenger terminal (outdoors)

DJ Kaia Hüva (EST)

15:30 - 18:00 Day milonga at Salme Cultural Centre (2nd floor Gallery)

DJ Kaja Keil (EST)

21:00 - 03:00 Friday Milonga at Salme Cultural Centre*

Performances by Kaja & Martin Keil and Brigita Urbietyte & Carlos Rodriguez.
Social dancing afterwards. 
SATURDAY, 13th July
13:00 - 18:00 Day milonga at Salme Cultural Centre (2nd floor Gallery)
DJ Kaia Hüva (EST), DJ Vikun (LTU/UKR)
21:00 - 03:00 Concert-Milonga at the White Hall of the House of the Blackheads*
Concert at 22:00 - LIVE music by Derrotas Cadenas (Argentina)
Performances by Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso and Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga.
Social dancing afterwards.


SUNDAY, 14th July

13:00 - 18:00 Day milonga at Salme Cultural Centre (2nd floor Gallery)

DJ Toto (FIN), DJ Karmen Ong (EST)

20:00 - 24:00 Farewell Milonga at "Kochi aidad" (Koch Coffee Room)*

DJ Kaia Hüva

Performances by Demian Fontenla (ARG) & Anna Smerechuck (RUS).

Social dancing before and afterwards.

24:00 ... Afterparty :) at Dance Theatre T3 studio (Kreutzwaldi 24)

For late leavers:
MONDAY, 15th July

21:00 - 23:00 Regular milonga at "Cubanita Live Café(Forum Shopping Centre, Narva Road 5, 2nd floor)


Concert-Milonga/Milonga tickets for all evenings can be purchased from club Tango Tallinn and at the event. Tickets for Friday and Saturday milongas are also available via Piletilevi channels.

For information about the workshops, please follow this link: Workshops