Partner search

You can look for a partner here: or use any other internet society. You can also use our SELF-SERVICE partner search form.
If you want us to find you a partner, hurry up - register without a partner and we will do our best to find you one. For this, please give us as much information as you see nessesary about yourself in the registration form "Level+" section. Please note that we can match you with a partner only according to the information that YOU HAVE PROVIDED - thus, if you have not given us your level, age, height or similar data, we assume that any partner would fit you!

If you register early enough (at least 4-8 weeks before the festival) you can ask us for the e-mail address of your mached partner and sort out whether the level, height etc. of the matched partner fits you. Usually there is no more than one possible match for your chosen workshop, so there is just the "take it" or "leave it" option. If there are different possibilities, we will use your height, age, level etc. for finding the best match. Otherwise we will match you in the order of registration or after sending out the bill we will give privilege for those who have paid earlier. We will not take any complaints about dissatisfaction with a partner as we cannot check the data given to us.
If there is no partner for you in the waiting list by 1st July, then, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find you one. Still, you may register and we will send out the bill you will pay for guarantee the place in the workshop and priority to get the first possible partner who will register afterwards.

It also shows you the availability of lesson - where are empty rows, there is free place to register!
Here you can find the SELF-SERVICE partner search form for the festival workshops. Post your information and look for others! (The festival team is not in charge of the content of this table but if there is any improper information, let us know and we will erase it).

If you are no longer searching for a partner, please send an e-mail to with the subject "Plese remove [YOUR E-MAIL] from Self-Service Partner Search".