Kaja & Martin Keil

Kaja and Martin have been working together since 2007. They met in 2006 in Buenos Aires and today they run their own studio and milonga in Germany. For them, tango is never only about teaching one how to dance. They have great respect for the essence of tango and the cultural aspects behind the movements. Firstly sharing the idea of Argentine tango can later be decoded at the level of technique. The other way round would release the personal spirit of the dance and the mystery of the embrace. Instead of shows, they prefer to call their performances a “pure simplicity”, with special attention to the connection between two people.

Kaja has been dancing folk dance since she was a child, later being a member of the well-known folk dance ensemble Kuljus. Even when working on other professions, dancing has always remained her passion. Kaja started learning tango naturally and spontaneously while living in Buenos Aires for a longer period of time.

Martin had been dancing standard dances on competition level since he was 15. In 2001 his taste changed to Argentine tango which he took up as a hobby dancer. Having first been taught by local teachers in Germany, he has improved his skills during several trips to Buenos Aires during the last couple of years.

Kaja's and Martin’s most important teachers have been Alfredo Garcia, Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega, Anita Montegudo & Pablo Retamar and Javier Rodriquez & Andrea Missé.

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