Anna Smerechuck & Demian Fontenla


In Anna's opinion, tango is a universal language with the help of which one can communicate with people all over the world, share one's emotions, experiences, ideas. An what is the most precious about that – one can remain Oneself, open to other people, and one will always be searching for the new hidden corners of his/her personality and personality of the people that he/she dances with.

With 10 years of learning and dancing, Anna has become twice the Champion of Argentine tango of the year 2011 (MFAT and ARDO championships). She has performed at Cumbre Mundial del tango in Seinajoki, Finland, in 2011 and at Nevskaya Milonga tango festival 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Since 2010 she has been constantly organising Women Technics workshops, giving private lessons and regular 
group lessons.


Demian began dancing tango in 1995 in Buenos Aires. He has been investigating, learning and following different masters and styles for over ten years. Since 2005 he has been teaching 
together with Marcela Viegas in the best schools and milongas in Buenos Aires (Salon Canning, La Catedral, Torcuato Tasso, Maldita Milonga, etc). In 2010, Demian and Marcela Viegas started to run their own milonga “Loca!”’ in the heart of Palermo.

For Demian it has been a long way until today, living in different cities and working with various partners and couples around the world. Magical and lovely people have taught him a lot and are still his source of inspiration. After an 8-month tour to various Asian festivals in 2012, Demian decided to move to Russia to keep dancing, teaching, and sharing his love for tango.