• Derrotas Cadenas from Buenos Aires (ARG)
      Bruno Giuntini – violin
          Pablo Gignoli – bandoneón
          Juan Pablo Marcó – piano
          Rodrigo “Tordo” Loos – double bass
    • DJ Kaia Hüva (Estonia)
    Kaia has been DJing at many milongas in Tallinn, Estonia during the past 4-5 years. Her evenings are full of good traditional tango tandas with shortcuts to tango nuevo.
    • DJ Kaja Keil (Estonia)
    For more information see under Teachers/Performers.
    • DJ Karmen Ong (Estonia)
    Karmen is the main tango teacher of Club Tango Tallinn, giving lessons in Tallinn but also in Tartu and abroad. In parallel she has been DJing regulary in Estonia and lately in other countries as well.
    • DJ Toto (Finland)
    DJ Toto is the artist name of Mikko Ahonen. For Toto, milonga is a potential energy generator. He believes that the energy forms when people move together to the music. So he serves the milonga-goers with the most danceable tangos, milongas and valses. While his aim is energy, he believes that one needs to rest once in a while, take a deep breath and admire the scenery. The Golden Age is his staple, with some Guardia Viaja thrown into the mix. DJ Toto is from Helsinki, Finland.
    • DJ Vikun (Lithuania/Ukraine)
    DJ Vikun is the artist name of Victoria Fedirko works as a DJ since 2009 (milongas in Kiev, Vilnius, Istanbul, Helsinki, Moscow). For her, milonga is a moment that begins with the breath of the first tanda's chord and ends up with the exhale of the last notes of the final composition. For Victoria the DJ's task is to make this breath inspiring, it's ending taste as sweet and viscous as a dessert wine, and its aftertaste make the dancers feel that they have said it all in tango for that night.
    • DJ Carlos Rodriguez de Boedo (Argentina)
    For more information see under Teachers/Performers.