Where to stay

Place on the floor - 8 EUR per night!
We can offer the participants a possibility to stay overnight at the two (2) studios of Dance Theatre T3, located at a 15-minute walking distance from the city centre - 24 Kreutzwaldi Street, Tallinn. Take your sleeping bag with you and we will provide you a place on the floor together with a mattress, plus a proper bathroom and hot water kettle.
In case you are interested, please let us know about it in your "Registration form".
NB! Sunday, 14th July afterparty (from 24:00 onwards) will take place at the big hall of the T3 Studio, thus, please take this fact into consideration. Your sleeping time will be shorter that night :)

Our accommodation partner E-TURIST helps you to find a nice place to stay overnight in Tallinn. Prices at central town hotels start from ca 55 EUR/room/night, including breakfast!
Ask them for good prices meeting your wishes at e-turist@e-turist.ee.

Besides, you can search for accommodation in Tallinn by yourself via
Accommodation info